So I just read Buffy season 9. And… I kinda liked it? I’ve decided the best thing to do is wait and read a season all the way through once it’s all out. Otherwise I nitpick each individual thing to death. 


Jeremiah Clarke suicide - WTF fun facts


Jeremiah Clarke suicideWTF fun facts

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"She was a girl who fell in love without pausing for breath." Hedda Hopper

"You know something - I think God did a little dance around her when she was born." - Kaye Ballard

“I think she is potentially one of the greatest actresses I’ll ever work with, because in every scene she is so open, simple, and honest that I found myself in the position of having to play up to her. Which, in the parlance of actors, means she’s so good that I automatically reacted to her. She’s the kind of person that every time you see her you’re delighted.” - Jack Lemmon

"She’s gifted in a way that makes everything she does work. She’s a Hollywood producer’s dream:  she has beauty, she’s a great actress, a wonderful singer - putting it simply, she has it all!" - Tony Bennett

"She was the Fred Astaire of comedy. Whether it was Rock Hudson or Rod Taylor or me or whoever—we all looked good because we were dancing with Clara Bixby.” - James Garner

"I so fell in love with Doris: she was the most wonderful, funny, delicious, completely sharing, giving actress I had ever worked with - and I mean that sincerely." Polly Bergen

"Doris Day is one of the grand ladies of song. She exudes sunshine with her acting and singing and just the mention of her name would bring a smile to one’s face. I adore her." - Robert Goulet

"One thing I like very much about Doris is her absence of affection. She just can’t pretend. If she really likes you, it’s great. If she doesn’t, you might as well get lost because she wont put up a false front." - Louella Parsons

"Doris was an Actors Studio all by herself. When she cried, she cried funny, which is something I couldn’t even try to explain; and when she laughed, her laughter came boiling up from her kneecaps." - Rock Hudson

"She knew her lines perfectly as well as everyone else’s. She was always prepared, never caused any problems although she was overly concerned about the way she looked, never thinking she looked good enough. She did and that is part of the reason she was such a success. There was no ego or sense of how great she was. She was disarmingly modest and one of the most natural beauties I have ever encountered." Joe Pasternak

Happy 90th birthday to Doris Day!

Happy 90th birthday to Doris Day!

I just want to be a teenager again so I can hang a giant poster of this without being looked at weirdly. 

I just want to be a teenager again so I can hang a giant poster of this without being looked at weirdly. 

One gifset per episode - 1x09 “Thanksgiving”


I’ve had a lot of people talking at me the last few days. Everyone just lining up to tell me how unimportant I am. And I’ve finally figured out why.