Anya having kids would have been hilarious. All “you’re a disgusting little person” one minute and “but I illogically love you so much” the next.


Why are you talking that way?

I thought you wanted to.

No, I don’t want to.

Anonymous said: omg that doe eyes tag, YES head canon is cemented!!!



I mean Spike got the rest of the description about Faith from Xander but he never mentioned the doe-eyes so Buffy must have talked to him about Faith. Out of all the things Faith did Buffy decides to mention her doe-eyes?? I can’t with these two. She probably also talked about Faith’s adorable dimples lets be real

And Buffy talking to Angel in Sanctuary: “pouty lips, heaving bosom.” Who says that? Been focusing on Faith’s bosom much, Buffy?


a real romantic plot

if someone ever falls in love with me i will literally die of shock


I’m rewatching Buffy and I just gotta say Sarah Michelle Gellar is so attractive. The camera closes up on her face and woah.

23 Of The Most Buffy Outfits Buffy Ever Wore


This is very very important.

The ratings system is hilarious.


faith’s such a fucking nerd


she sat in her motel room all day and thought of really provocative shit to say to buffy

"give us a kiss, damn right girl, maybe she’ll fall for THAT"

When a man begins to think that the grass will not grow at night unless he lies awake to watch it, he generally ends either in an asylum or on the throne of an emperor.